The Rock Behind PeeCee-Nick Relation!

Tue Jul 10 2018 15:54:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Priyanka Chopra is one of the few Bollywood heroines who went to Hollywood and achieved global recognition.  She is presently working on a couple of Hollywood flicks.  Her personal life has become a hot topic in the recent past than her career.

Priyanka has fallen in love with American singer Nick Jonas who is ten years younger to her.  Nick has a long history of changing his girlfriends quite often. But Priyanka recently brought him to India to and introduced him to her mother Madhu Chopra.  Priyanka's mother said in the past that she will refuse her daughter's proposal if she says that she will marry a foreigner.  But she has not expressed her opinion on Nick Jonas.   She recently said that it is tough to give a judgement on their love and it is too early.  

On the other hand, Hollywood actor Dwayne Johnson is saying that he is the reason for Priyanka's happiness.  He said that it's because of him that Priyanka met Nick.  When he questioned about Priyanka-Nick relationship in a recent interview, he said that he is the reason for their relationship.  He accepted the credit by saying that "I worked with Priyanka in 'Baywatch'.. I worked on 'Jumanji' with Nick.  As a common friend, I introduced Nick to Priyanka.. they are happy now."

Priyanka, Nick are roaming around the world like love birds.. so everything is fine now.  If something goes wrong and they break away with each other, can Dwayne Johnson take the credit for that too?