Is Ileana Going To Become Mother?

Tue Apr 17 2018 17:26:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ileana D'Cruz, meticulous beauty of Telugu and Indian Cinema, has been busy these days with her boyfriend or husband, Andrew Kneebone.

She is doing one or two films a year in Hindi and spending most of her time with her family and mainly, her boyfriend.

She did call him, "Hubby", but did not state it out clearly when media asked her. She said that her personal life has many things going on and she doesn't want people to talk about it.

But during the promotional campaign and press tours for her new movie, Raid, she seemed to a little chubby, and covering her tummy.

Many thought she might have grown a bit fat for any role or she might have let her guard down as she wants to young her family life more at this point.

Andrew Kneebone shared a image of her in bathtub all alone and said that she is not alone. Well, did he meant she is carrying? Will she soon be a mother? This has become a hot topic in Social media.