Ileana Says She Needs Support To Expose Casting Couch

Tue Mar 13 2018 16:13:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Ileana D'Cruz has become so fierce in her comments that she started hurting few people lately.

She is promoting her film, Raid with Ajay Devgn and the movie is up for release on 16th March. The actress is busy giving interviews and she said, "I can expose Casting couch in Bollywood, but I need support for that."

She made interesting comments on South Indian Cinema, that directors and producers more thought about objectifying her on-screen than giving her acting skills a test.

She also said that for the same reason she chose Bollywood as the offers were good there.

But then her recent comments against Bollywood have become controversial too.

She said, "I am afraid for my career and many of us women are. We know the truth, who in this Industry starts messaging young women for sex in the name of casting couch.

"But if we go against the stars, then the is no guarantee for our careers here. So, we can't risk losing what we earned over all these years. Like Hollywood, if we all can come together and come out then we can oust the sex predators here too. It seems like a big ask at this point of time from many, " she exclaimed.

Richa Chadda, the actress of Masaan, a film that won Best picture at Cannes Film Festival, also commented the same. Looks like #MeToo version Bollywood os in the making.