Indian-2 On The Brink Of Getting Shelved!?

Mon Feb 18 2019 17:24:24 GMT+0530 (IST)

Shankar wanted 2.0 to be his huge comeback at the box office and hoped for it to collect more than 1000 crores for the movie to be profitable.

It couldn't come close to 800 crores gross as well. It ended up as a cost failure as many distributors complained that they lost money.

Movie did collect good in Telugu states and Tamil Nadu, but it had to outperform the estimates. It didn't as the festival season or Summer season couldn't aide the movie to become even bigger success.

In Hindi markets, it could finish on top of all previous Rajni movies but it did not do magic like Baahubali-2. Lyca Productions did face the band but they did promote the film as a pride of their company.

They sat down with Shankar after him cancelling the shoot of Indian-2, as he did not find the set aesthetically satisfying. They asked him to give them the best possible quote or sign for their quote.

Either way, he had to be contract bound for his films to escape losses. As Kamal Hassan's market is also not as big as Rajni's and risking a major loss could upset the company, they had to force the filmmaker, it seems.

Lyca Productions has no box office hit in last two years expect for 2-3 medium budget films. So, they needed a definite winner with Indian-2, it seems.

In any case, Shankar refused to be bound by such rules and is looking at some alternatives to fund his film, it seems, if Lyca Productions back out!