Is #MeToo A Well Planned Movement?

Tue Oct 23 2018 15:36:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Normally, women take time to come out and talk about issues, even Men too. There is no denying that many in Industry or elsewhere try to first take all the abuse and be bravely silent than courageously outspoken.

When one triggers an emotional response to something that has been hiding in the shadows for so long, some more people tend to react and pounce on the opportunity. That takes the shape of a movement.

In Hollywood, women waited for long till Harvey Weinstein's influence decrease and then they started an effective campaign that brought out many abusers. In an Industry where, casting couch is an open secret, they really brought out the difference between abuse and work relationships.

But in India, the movement seems to be always taking a wrong direction. With one person trying to name a big name then many following the suite for 10 days. After that a silence prevails all over.

No big star actress comes forward to name a big star actor. Many of them either accept that there is an issue or deny that they ever faced something like that. Even retired actresses haven't come forward to share their plight.

Only those who seem to be at the fag end off their career that never took off come up with these stories. Some of the actresses and journalists who have published their stories aren't even known until they took big names.

There are some real abusers who have accepted openly their mistake but equally there are many who got trapped into exchanging messages that are next used for sympathy.

Sri Reddy blatantly named many heroes and took names of fellow actresses who have become popular and are growing popular too. But she never tried to prove anything except for creating a scene.

Even Chinmayi Sripada who could be telling the truth, couldn't carry forward after a week or two. One can argue that strong support to big names could induce fear into any person but when proofs are out there same people will support the victim more.

Somehow the lines between abuse and consent are getting blurred with each passing post of #MeToo. Some showcase few exchanges to show that they have been indeed harassed but those doesn't prove anything concrete.

Well, a good and positive movement like #MeToo ended up being a parade of few women shouting names rather than a hope for better tomorrow.