Is 'S/O Shankar Dada' coming as 'Nela Ticket'?

Sun Mar 18 2018 18:14:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Sequels, Prequels are not that famous in our Telugu Industry. Somehow the idea of continuing a story from where the previous film left off, or giving it a new spin or an origin story hasn't been such a successful business decision for Telugu producers.

Baahubali is one film that is split into two different films due to the story and budget issues.

Only in Hindi, the sequels idea is flourishing and even spin-offs haven't been that successful too.

But Kalyan Krishna Kurasala, had a story for Ram Charan with a title, S/O Shankar Dada but Ram Charan did not like it. He did not even ask for the title.

Now, the same movie has been changed here and there and Ravi Teja is doing it as Nela Ticket, as per few media reports.

We couldn't confirm the genuinity of the reports by the time, we published this article.