Only Chiranjeevi Can Do It, But..

Wed Apr 25 2018 16:45:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Dasari Narayana Rao used to be an elderly person in the industry who used to play big brother role and trying to solve the issues.  He used to command huge respect from all the sections of the film industry.  Surprisingly many people didn't recognise his role, how big responsibility he used to handle when he was alive.  Now, everybody is realising the greatness of Dasari in the absence of him. Whenever there is an issue in the industry, people are remembering him.  They are saying that "If Dasari is alive today, he would have handled the issue effectively."

When Sri Reddy issue rocked the Telugu Film Industry, many people remembered Dasari.  But issues will not be resolved just by remembering Dasari.  The industry has to focus on the finding a suitable person who can take forward Dasari legacy.  In fact, the entire industry is eagerly waiting for the person who can step into the shoes of Dasari.  The majority of the people feel that Megastar Chiranjeevi is the right person to carry on Dasari legacy considering his character.. Image.. the reputation he enjoys in the industry and the people.

Even Megastar also gave indications that he is also ready to fill the place vacated by Dasari.  Chiranjeevi is responding to the problems of the people in the industry in the recent past.  He is donating money to the people who are in need and he is spending money on the good deeds.  He is attending several programmes though he doesn't have any relation with them.  Moreover, the majority of the people in the industry respect Megastar's words.  Very few people oppose him. Except for stars like Nandamuri Balakrishna, no one will question Chiranjeevi domination. Even Balayya may not say a word against Chiranjeevi directly.  He might show his opposition to him in an indirect manner.  

Even others may not pull Chiranjeevi back because everybody knows how difficult it is to be in Dasari's position.  But the only issue is Chiru is a soft person.  He can't talk to people in a harsh manner.  He can't criticise others without any inhibitions.  He can't slam others if required.  He doesn't like to talk when there are controversies.  Can he raise voice like Dasari when small filmmakers are facing issues because of the theaters issue?  Can he immediately respond when there is an issue like Sri Reddy allegations?  Can he strongly talk to them? Can he interfere and talk to both parties to strike an agreement?  Can he devote his valuable time to solve others issue by keeping aside his personal works?  These are all the doubts industry insiders have in their minds.   Nobody can him to replace Dasari so the industry persons are expecting that Chiru can at least act like an elderly person role in the industry.