Jackie Gets 10 On 10 With A Perfect Split

Thu Jun 14 2018 10:30:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

A perfect 10 on 10!! That's what Race 3 girl Jacquiline Fernandez would have scored for her perfect slit. The Kick actress has shown her suppleness by performing a perfect split of her right leg. With her physical trainer by her side to help out, the actress performed the split. Elated, the bubbly actress shared a clip of her split on the Instagram.The clip shows Jaquiline performing the split with relative ease.

We now know the reason for her well-chiselled and equally well-toned body and how she performs all those wonderful dances. Jacqueline recently suffered an eye injury during the shoot of Race 3, where she is pairing up with Sallu Bhai. The damage to the eye, according to the actress, is irreversible. "it's a permanent injury and my iris will never be a perfect round again but so so grateful I can see!!" said the actress on her Instagram account. Race 3 will hit the marquee soon.