Jeevitha Breathes Fire On Activist Sandhya

Tue Apr 17 2018 18:33:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Social Activist Sandhya accused Jeevitha of sending Hostel Girls to her husband Rajasekhar. Jeevitha on Tuesday convened a press conference to respond on the shocking allegations.

Jeevitha: 'How could Sandhya who claims to be fighting for women's rights make such an allegation against a Woman without any evidence? I have two daughters and a great family. Sandhya should prove the allegation she made against Me. She have a cheap impression on Film Celebs...I had fought with her during few debates on that matter. What does Sandhya know about Jeevitha Rajasekhar? Does she thinks we are mad? I had filed a criminal case against her. I am filing a defamation suit against Sandhya and Mahaa News Channel'.

The Senior Actress questioned Sandhya whether she is unaware how much such a bad propaganda affects her Daughters. 'I don't know if Sandhya have a family or not. I heard that she was a divorcee...don't know if she have children or not. I don't know whether she knows how a husband would react. Every person will have a family and self respect. Are we begging or whether you are feeding us? A film will be created if hundreds of people work together. Today, Fans reacted strongly when Pawan Kalyan was targeted. Does you think nobody would react if Jeevitha Rajasekhar was attacked? Sandhya need to realize we won't sit silently if she behaves in such a manner. I don't want to reveal your history. What did you know about Me to speak in such way? It's your responsibility to prove those allegations…even Mahaa TV has to prove it. I won't sleep until I get answers'.