Journalist Exposes Real Face Of Sri Reddy

Mon Apr 16 2018 14:34:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Senior Woman Journalist Roopaa Vani Koneru shared the Facebook Live Chat video of Sri Reddy on her page. She then asked People to decide whether if Sri Reddy is really innocent or not upon watching the kind of disgusting comments & indecent gestures made by her.

In the video chat, Sri Reddy commented '24*7 I will be in sexy mood', Made an indecent gesture when a netizen wrote 'Love Your B***S', She even offered to show her A** & assured its very huge.

Roopaa Vani questioned the Members of Women Organizations backing Sri Reddy, 'Is this the freedom & women empowerment we all want? We support people like Sri Reddy, but Men shouldn't touch us. Does we alone have hormones...Aren't Men having them?'.

The Journalist stressed the importance of maintaining transparency in any movement - 'Punishing the Celebs who harass Women is a must. At the same time, There should be guidelines and laws to prevent ladies from opting for wrong routes to bag offers'.