#CastingCouchIssue: 3 Great Men Of Tollywood!

Mon Apr 16 2018 14:19:43 GMT+0530 (IST)

Casting Couch issue is literally rocking the Tollywood.  The latest press meet of junior artists supported by women organisations is creating a huge sensation.  During the press meet an artist talked about 3 Uttama Purushas( 3 Great Men) of the Telugu Film Industry.

She said "I'm talking about the great men in the industry who uplift the women.  There are 3 persons among these great men.  Number one is Pawan Kalyan garu.  When media asked him about the Kathua, Unnao rape incidents, he said - 'I will beat them if anyone brings tome'.  In the next minute, he was asked about the rapes happening in Tollywood.  He said - 'they should approach the police'.  Now my question is the ladies who are outside are ladies.. the ladies in the industry are not ladies. When he pressed still further by the media he said that he has beaten some people who behaved wrongly with women outside.  I'm questioning..why don't you beat you co-ordinators.  Why don't to stop the rapes happening in your films?"

"Now I'll talk about Uttama Purusha no. 2. He is Sekhar Kammula garu.  He has made several feminist films. When there is an allegation on him he got serious and saying that he will proceed legally. What does it mean?  When some lady is coming forward and says that she has been abused, you will warn her of legal action.. You think you are a great feminist?  Are you silencing women with your warnings? What kind of precedent you are setting up.  Is your image important to you or gender equality?"

"Uttama Purusha no.3 is Mahesh Kathi.  He is also talking about legal action and blah blah blah."

She added "If anyone is threatening women to take legal action who are coming forward to express their ordeals in the casting couch issue, it is nothing but silencing them.  What is your confidence?  You think that we don't have proofs with us that's why you're threatening us.  How can we get proofs when we are at the receiving end?  I request all these Uttama Purushas to stop threatening us.. blackmailing us.  You can defend yourselves.. you have so much space in the media."