Many Men In The Industry Might Have AIDS!

Mon Apr 16 2018 13:42:55 GMT+0530 (IST)

Tollywood casting couch issue has taken an unexpected turn with the Sri Reddy leaks.  Several junior artists are coming out and explaining their ordeals in the film industry.  Women organisations are have recently conducted a media meet where several artists talked about their experiences.  

During the media meet, an artist revealed her experiences in the industry and lashed out at Jeevitha saying that "Jeevitha garu hosted Bratuku Jatka Bandi' show in the TV and she preaches morals to everybody but what she does at the back end is all nasty things."

She warned the family members of Industry men that "Many men industry use girls. I caution their family members that they might have AIDS. I caution the wives to go near them after a thorough medical checkup.  Kindly take them to the hospital for medical treatment."  

Along with these serious allegations, she said that she struggled very hard for the opportunities and she has no other way rather than commit suicide if she doesn't get any offers in Tollywood.  She said that a film institute in Ameerpet has cheated them saying that they will provide good opportunities but what they did is to direct the students to a junior artists supplier in Krishna Nagar.  She said, "They gave us offers as a background artist in the serials, forget about the main roles in films."

She also said that if a male artist wants an offer he can spend Rs.50,000 so that he may get it.  But the situation is different for females. She said, "If we give the same Rs.50,000 they don't give us the offer. they say - no money is needed, give us commitment and we'll give you offer."