I had to make compromises: Kajal

Mon Mar 20 2017 15:12:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

As a heroine one has to make compromises sometimes.  Even though they are star heroines.. they need to act in some objectionable scenes sometimes whether they like them or not.  Kajal Agggarwal is saying that she couldn't escape from such situations.  Getting heroine offers.. achieving stardom.. and continuing it for years together is not a small thing.. but Kajal has done it.  

When she was asked that 'Does heroines have to compromise at least once ?'  She answerd 'yes'.  It is a common belief in the industry that one has to compromise even though they have got talent.  Answering that question Kajal came up with an interesting answer.

"Showing heroines in objectionable manner is common in films.  Comparatively such things happen more in songs..rather than in other scenes.  I do not know this kind of things in the initial days of my career.. but I did some objectionable scenes.  I understood about it clearly once I have gone through such situations.. and made up my mind that I should not repeat such things.  I became cautious in choosing my characters later.. luckily such things never happened again".