I Took Some Tips From Charan Bava

Thu Jul 12 2018 14:38:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kalyaan Dhev is the new hero from mega family.  His debut film 'Vijetha' released today. Unlike other mega hero debut films, 'Vijetha' released without much hype.  Kalyaan Dhev appeared confident in the promotions of the film.  In a recent interaction, he gave answers to the questions of the reporters without any hesitation.

When he was asked about what kind of suggestions he received from the mega family, he said that "Charan bava didn't give any advice before the start of the film.  But I took some tips from him regarding songs and promotions.  He wished me all the best after watching the teaser and appreciated the teaser."  Kalyaan said that his uncle Chiranjeevi listened to the story first and he liked it immediately.. then he asked the director Rakesh Shashi to make the film as he narrated.

Kalyaan said that Chiranjeevi watched the rushes but he is yet to watch the film.  Kalyaan said that his wife Srija doesn't have much interest in films. He said that he was surprised to know that Srija is not a movie lover.