Director Should Look At The Collections

Wed Jun 13 2018 17:07:07 GMT+0530 (IST)

No hero does a movie without liking the script. So, obviously, they talk highly about their films. Not only the hero but also the entire movie unit works hard for a film. It has to collect more than the budget value to become a hit. But some people call some films hits even though the collections are low.

It is common for some to throw the blame on others. Director Kalyan Krishna commented that the critics don't know how to watch a movie. His latest release is Nela Ticket starring Ravi Teja which became a disaster at the box office. The movie even failed to reach the break-even point as well. As there is nothing new in the story, the audience didn't show much interest. The movie theatrical rights are sold for Rs. 22 crores. The overall shares the movie made is around 9.85 crores. In terms of gross, it collected Rs. 20.1 crores.

After the shares, only 44.8% was recovered. So, the movie became a double disaster. Some are commenting that Kalyan who made comments that the critics don't know how to watch a film should take a look at the collections the movie made. Let's see if the director responds to it or not.