Highlights : Katamarayudu Pre-Release Function

Sat Mar 18 2017 23:18:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

'Katamarayudu' Pre-Release Function is currently happening at the Shilpa Kala Vedika in Hyderabad on Saturday evening. Even Powerstar's 20th Anniversary Celebrations are expected to happen at the same event.

Anchors Suma and Ravi begun the show by mentioning about Powerstar's Craze and the sensation created by 'Katamarayudu' Teaser. Then, An AV of Pawan Kalyan's 10 Years Journey has been presented on the big screen at the auditorium.

Comedian Ali: 'From Suswagatham to Katamarayudu, I'm part of every film of Pawan Kalyan. I'm really surprised to know two decades has already passed. He shows a different variation with every movie and popularity keeps growing. Crowd will be huge for films and functions of Pawan Kalyan. Initially, Makers planned pre-release event in a grand manner to accommodate 20,000 people. But, Pawan dropped the idea keeping the safety of people in mind'.

Producer AM Ratnam: 'Release of Pawan's Films will be celebrated as a Festival. You all know Pawan Kalyan is stepping into active politics. So, I wish Mega Success for all of his three upcoming films'.

Vizag Distributor Kranthi Reddy: 'Ugadi arrives in Telugu States 5 days in advance. I wish to see Katamarayudu break all the records. This film is going to be a feast for fans'.

Chants of 'CM…CM' have resonated in the auditorium when AM Ratnam was speaking about Pawan Kalyan's Political Entry.

Fight Masters Ram Laksham: 'Pawan Sir essays the role of a Farmer's Son in this movie. He has beautifully presented how a Farmer would walk, speak and fight the goons. Our Favourite Action sequence is the one PK fights in a dhoti-clad avatar'.

Suma) What's the reason behind Dhoti-clad Avatar?

Ali) Though it's a remake of Tamil flick 'Veeram', A lot of changes have been made for the Telugu version. If Pawan pulls up his dhoti, It means he is ready for setting scores with the Opposition. Food served to all the unit members, including Hero & Lightman, on the sets of 'Katamarayudu' is one and the same. Powerstar is very particular about it.

Actor Ajay: 'My Career began with 'Kushi'. That fight sequence was actually composed by Pawan Sir. So, I feel like I'm his product'.

Fans erupted in joy when Pawan Kalyan entered the auditorium. He was accompanied by his close pal Trivikram Srinivas and Producer Radhakrishna.

Music Composer Anup Rubens: 'I am here on this stage Today because of Pawan Sir. I thank him from the bottom of my heart. A special song dedicated to Pawan Sir will be performed now'.

TV9 Ravi Prakash: 'I congratulate Pawan Kalyan and Katamarayudu Team. I'm the one who have been one among those who admire Pawan Kalyan immensely. We know the role he played in 2014 Elections. Any other person in is position would have sought a post or cash bags in return. But, Pawan Kalyan has chosen a new path. He is fighting for resolving the people's issues. So, Everyone must appreciate him for what he done. Today, The most difficult to do is speaking truth and fulfilling the promise made. I congratulate Pawan Kalyan for doing it! Whether it's cheating the Telugus by going back on Special Status or Demonetisation, Pawan Kalyan is the only one to speak against injustice. Even at times when Media didn't dare to question, He stood by the side of People. Politicians keep changing their poll promises as per their convenience. Youth have the responsibility to question such Politicians. I appreciate Pawan Kalyan for motivating the Youth and guiding them in a right path. I wish he continues the good work'.

NTV CEO Narendra Chowdary: 'I congratulate Andhra Katamarayudu'

Ramajogayya Sastry: 'It's a privilege to be part of a film like Katamarayudu. The response has been over-whelming for Mira Mira Meesam. This song was penned based on the characterization of hero and fans'.

Producer Bandla Ganesh: 'Ravi Prakash garu…Nannu Kshaminchali. Inthakalam Meerante Naku Istam Undedhi Kadu. Naaku Emi Avasaram Vachina Nenu Maa Chowdary garu (NTV CEO) Daggaraku Vellevadini. Na Life Lo Mimmalni Eppudu Kalavale, Endukante Nakenduko Nachala. Ivalla Chebuthunnanu, Jeevithantham Mimmalni Istapadatha. Mee Nijayithi Nachindhi…Mi Daggara Maa Boss Qualities Chala Unnayi. So, I am apologizing to you Today in front of everyone.'

Chants of CM…CM resonating in the auditorium. Immediately, Ganesh replied: 'Kalam Samadanam Chebutundhi…Manam Ippudu Emi Matladodu. Bagavanthudu Nirnayisthadu'.

He further added, 'What should I say about Pawan Kalyan? Kala..Kala Kosam Kadu, Prajala Kosam Ani Cheppina Mahakavi Ballari Raghava Annadu Alanti Ayana Ani Cheppamantara; Swarajyam Na Janma Hakku, Danni Sadinchi Teeratam Annadu Balagangadar Tilak…Alanti Ayana Ani Cheppamantara; Kulam Yokka Punadhi Pi Oka Jathini Nirminchalem Annadu BR Ambedkar…Alanti Ayana Ani Cheppamantara; Bharat Desaniki Hindu-Muslim Rendu Kallu Annadu Sir Sayeed Mohammed Khan…Alanti Ayana Ani Cheppamantara; Avasaramaithe Chirigina Chokka Thodukkondi, Kani Manchi Pustakam Konukondi Annadu Kandkuri Veeresalingam Panthul…Alanti Ayana Ani Cheppamantara; Araya Samajam Na Thalli, Vaidhika Dharmam Na Tandri Annadu Lala Lajapathi Rai…Alanti Ayana Ani Cheppamantara; Bengal Vibhajan Dinam, British Samrajyam Patana Dhinam Annadu Mahatma Gandhi…Alanti Ayana Ani Cheppamantara; Naaku Rakthanni Ivvandi, Meeku Swatantram Thechi Istanannadu Subhash Chandra Bose…Alanti Ayana Ani Cheppamantara; Inquilab Zindabad Anna Bhagat Singh Malli Puttadani Cheppamantara…Emani Cheppamantaru Sir..Manaki Cheppadalu Levu Ayana Cheppindhi Cheyadame'. 

'Today, My blood boiled when Ravi Prakash spoke about Pawan Kalyan. My BP Count would be 160 or 180 now. I love you Ravi Prakash garu. Meelanti Nijayithi Parulu Ayana Venakala Undali, Telugu Rashtralaku Manchi Jaragali Ani Korukuntu…My Name is Bandla Ganesh…My God is Pawan Kalyan'.

Director Dolly: 'After Gopala Gopala, I wished to work with him yet again. He fulfilled his commitment given to me by offering Katamarayudu. Even after working for this movie, I'm not content and wish to work with him one more time. I hope I will travel with Kalyan garu for a very long time. Thank you so much sir for the trust you showed in me. Thanks to my cast & crew'.

Producer Sharrath Marar: 'Day-by-day Pawan Kalyan is getting more busy but he showed the commitment. I salute to Pawan Kalyan'.  

Trivikram Srinivas: 'Kalyan garu once said to Me - Yevodo Okadu Vachi Manandariki Nyayam Chestadu Anukone Na Vypu Chusinappudu, Nakem Garvamga Anipinchadu…Endukante Inka Evodovachi Nyayam Cheyyali Anukuntunanduku Badaga Anipistundhi. Ala Evaru Evarikosam Eduruchoodakunda Unde Roju Kosam Eppatinuncho Konni Vandala Samvatsarala Nunchi Chalamandhi Prayatnitune Unnaru…Valla Varasalo Ekkodo Chivara Oka Stanam Kalpisthe Anthakanna Goppadi Emiledu Ani Chebutuntaru Ayana'.

'Cheyya Ethagani Janam Agipoye Shakti, Kotlallo Okadiki Isthadu Devudu. Etuvypu Vellandi Anu Velu CHoopisthe…Atuvypu Emi Undi Ani Alochinchakunda Vellipoye Shakti Ekkado Kotlallo Okadiki Isthadu. Alanti Kotla Lo Okadu…Peru Meeku Telusu Nenu Cheppalsina Pani Ledu'.

'I have see Pawan Kalyan go out of his way to help others but never he never talks about them. I don't want to reveals the names of those people. Why would so many people admire Kalyan if there is nothing good about him? Bahusa…Idhi Niluvethu Manchithanam Ayuntundhi. Endukante…Meeru Dabbulu Isthe Raru, Pilisthe Raru…Meeku Ravalanipisthene Vastharu. I wish he will remembered forever. I can say one thing about Kalyan…Peru Edaithenem Pani Kada Manaku Kavalsindhi'.  

Pawan Kalyan: 'I apologize to all those fans who couldn't be here. I myself asked not to hold a grand event because your safety is my priority'.

Responding to chants of 'CM', He said: 'Naaku Meeru Arichedi Vinipisthundi…Jarigithe Manchidhi, Jaragakapothe Inka Manchidhi. Meerandaru Bagundali…Naaku Na Bidda Okati, Meeru Okati Kadu'.

'For Me, Chiranjeevi garu is always a Hero…I'm not a Hero. When 'Suswagatham' became a huge hit, A huge rally was planned in Kurnool where it ran for many days. I'm not comfortable with such things. To my surprise, Countless people has come for the rally. When Distributor Tirupati Prasad cautioned me that fans might misunderstand him if I don't waive my hands towards them, I conveyed to him that I'm actually frightened with the kind of love showered on me and all I can do is offering them a namaskar in return. I recollected the words of my father…Srusti Lo Andaru Samaname, Nuvvokkadive Ekkuva Anukunte…Adi Ne Nasananiki Darithesthundi'.

'Dolly is a sensible director. I like his comedy sense and enjoy working with him. Nenu Eppudu Thammudine...Modati Sari Ee Cinema Kosam Annayya Ayyanu. I like my brothers Ajay, Chaitanya, Shiva Balaji and Kamal Kamaraju. I thank the whole cast & crew. Jai Hind!'.