Kathi's Defamation Suit On Konidala Productions

Sun Apr 15 2018 15:08:57 GMT+0530 (IST)

Controversies and Kathi Mahesh go hand-in-hand. Just when he was busy appearing in news channel debates on Casting Couch, A Junior Artist by name Sunitha accused him of making a rape attempt on her in his house. These serious allegations were made during a live debate on news channel.

Sunitha mentioned neither Police accepted her complaint nor Media came in support of her at that time. She even accused TV9 of not paying heed when she approached the media house to cover her story few months ago. Then, Kathi Mahesh offered to accompany Sunitha to the police station after the debate if she still wants to file complaint. He accepted every comment made by Sunitha except for the rape attempt and physical assault after shutting the door.

Few hours later, Kathi Mahesh took to Twitter for accusing Konidala Productions of conspiring against him. He even informed about the plans to file a defamation suit against Sunitha for falsely accusing him of sexual harassment and Konidala Productions for instigating her.

Few months ago, Few Film Personalities have accused Kathi Mahesh of sending objectionable messages to several women. Then, The Critic admitted that he did send messages and maintained sexual relations as well but never forced anybody. But now, A Woman from Film Industry publicly accused him of attempting to rape her. Does such a person have any moral right to take part in debates on Sexual Harassment? Kathi Mahesh need to stay away from such debates at least till he obtains a clean chit.