They've Apologised, Issue Is Closed: Kathi

Fri Apr 20 2018 11:18:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Popular film critic Kathi Mahesh recently responded to the developments happening in the Tollywood. He said that "We all know how Sri Reddy started opening up on the casting couch issue and it has grabbed the attention of the national and international media with her semi-naked protest.  Even NHRC served notices Ministry for Information & Broadcasting and Telangana government to submit a report on the issue.   The issue took a different turn after Sri Reddy used a cuss word against Pawan.  The hungama Sri Reddy's cuss word has created has sidelined the main issue raised by Sri Reddy."  

"Some people thought that she has seriously reacted to Pawan's suggestion that they should approach police if they have any grievances.  Others opined that there is some conspiracy to downsize Pawan Kalyan using Sri Reddy.   Meanwhile Sri Reddy apologised to Pawan Kalyan.  Even Ram Gopal Varma also apologised Pawan and his family, fans for influencing Sri Reddy to target Pawan.  Since then, Pawan fans and his supporters started attacking Sri Reddy and Ram Gopal Varma."

"When they have apologised for their mistake the issue is closed. But the main issue has become a Pawan Kalyan Vs Sri Reddy now.  The issue that has been raised by Sri Reddy is completely sidelined.   Naga Babu, Allu Aravind, Bunny Vass comments appear to magnify the issue rather than closing it.  Bunny Vass challenged Ram Gopal Varma that 'War is on'.  Watching all these developments one would get a doubt that everybody is trying to add fuel to the fire."

"The women associations still say that their main focus is not Sri Reddy... her cuss word against Pawan Kalyan.. or Pawan Kalyan.  The main issue is casting couch and women problems in the industry.   By diverting this on to Pawan Kalyan we are giving an unnecessary political baggage.   In fact, Pawan Kalyan should also respond to this issue.. it could have been great if he would have said that he will come forward to solve the issue.   May be he doesn't see any votes in Tollywood and it will not give political mileage so he is silent on the issue."  

"I wish Pawan to ask his fans to stop trolling others on the social media and if possible he should come forward to solve the issues in the Film Industry.