Lingababu Love Stories Trailer: Kathi's Erotic Comedy!

Thu Mar 22 2018 22:15:00 GMT+0530 (IST)

Kathi Mahesh made a Web Series with the title 'Lingababu Love Stories' which is set in the 90s when Liquor Prohibition and ban on Porn Magazines was implemented in Andhra Pradesh. It's definitely not one of the many funny Web Series we have been coming across every week. The Film Critic gave it a twist by adding ample adult content.

Trailer opens with a Writer narrating the scene in a poetic manner. Then, People around him conveys that's not the kind of language they expected and start narrating their erotic stories one after the other. Finally, The Publisher asks the writer to take the inputs offered by the bunch of guys based on their personal experience to show his pen power. That's how 'Lingababu Love Stories' were planned!

Kathi Mahesh didn't mince words. He clearly announced his web series is an erotic comedy for mature audience.