Gold Coins Or Silver Coins Keerthy Suresh?

Sun Oct 21 2018 15:48:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Keerthy Suresh has developed a habit of gifting coins to her colleagues and film crew members after she completes the shoot. Mahanati Savitri used to have this habit and many thought Keerthy too started this habit after being on-screen Savitri.

Keerthy Suresh gives away silver coins or gold coins as a memoir to remember her. She talked about this habit and said, "I did not pick this habit after acting in Mahanati. I gave away silver coins from my second movie.

I did give Gold Coins during Mahanati last day and that made many think I am living in Savitri character even after the shoot is over.

But I had the habit from long before. I give silver coins in general unlike Savitri who gave away Gold. If the movie is close to my heart, I will give away Gold Coins."

So, whenever Keerthy Suresh finishes a film we have to just ask Gold Coins or Silver coins, Keerthy? We can understand by her answer.