Mega Son-In-Law Is Crying

Thu Jun 21 2018 18:29:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

We have seen so many heroes who came out from the mega compound and established their career in Tollywood. The mega fans are all set to welcome yet another mega hero warmly and he is none other the son-in-law of Megastar Chiranjeevi, Kalyaan Dhev. The makers released a poster which is not that appealing.

Usually, the promotional material like posters, teasers, trailers is useful for creating hype about the movie. But the recently released poster of Vijetha movie's song release is not that impressive. The song is about paying respects to chicken and it goes like 'Kokkoroko'. Keeping the concept of the song aside, in the poster, mega son-in-law is crying.

The audience is giving a mixed response and some are commenting that releasing a crying poster is not interesting. Chiru takes care of each and everything when it comes to the debut movie of a mega hero. Some are asking how Chiru accepted to release this kind of poster. However, we can't predict the song based on the poster. Let's wait and see how the audience will react to the single that is getting released tomorrow at 8:09 AM.