Mahabharata: Krish Parva!

Thu May 17 2018 14:20:46 GMT+0530 (IST)

Indian epic Mahabharata is knowns as one of the complex screenplays in the world.   One will not find such wide variety of characters and characterisations.  Senior writers say that you won't find a single waste character in the entire epic even though the character is small.  That is the reason why several Indian celebrities are showing interest to make a movie on Mahabharata.  

Star director Rajamouli has already revealed that Mahabharata is his dream project.   Even Aamir Khan has also shown interest in the Mahabharata and he said that he would like to play Sri Krishna character in the film. There were reports in the media that Malayalam filmmakers are planning Mahabharata with a Rs 1,000 crore budget.  But there is no further update on the project. Kannada makers are already making 'Kurukshetra' movie based on Mahabharata starring Darshan.

Now, another name added to the list of makers who wanted to take up Mahabharata.  He is none other than Krish.  It is known that Krish is presently working on 'Manikarnika' starring Kangana Ranaut. He has reportedly started script work for Mahabharata project based on SL Bhyrappa novel 'Parva'.  The Kannada novel is a modern take on Mahabharata and how the characters will be without divine powers.  The novel has been translated into several languages including Telugu.  

Krish is yet to respond to the reports of his new project.  Considering all these developments, one would get a feeling that several films would have been made on Mahabharata by the time Rajamouli starts his Mahabharata.