Producers Don't Spend Crores For One Nnight - Khushboo

Mon Dec 10 2018 13:51:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Actresses have been talking about casting couch and indecent proposals that they get from producers, directors and actors. There are many who talked about sexual exploitation.

But the seniors have been silent about the matter. Super seniors to them have said that everything is common and it shouldn't be made a bigger news now.

Senior actress Khushboo opened up about it in an interview and she said, "No producer will spend crores and crores for just one night.

They won't make proposals as such to every actress out there. Some people do that as they come for just that and not everyone.

I am here from last 30 years and nobody dared to come up with such proposals to me. I never faced it.

In fact when I was shooting for Kaliyuga Pandavulu, Ramanaidu garu and Venkatesh helped me when a person misbehaved and I slapped him.

They didn't term me as an arrogant person or treated me any differently. I worked across the languages and never had to face casting couch," said Khushboo.

Well, there are easy ways to climb up the ladder and harder ways. People who come up through the easy ways seem to make more noise for publicity than the others.