They Thought It Would Be A Sex Film

Thu Nov 30 2017 12:44:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Beautiful actress Raai Laxmi who does not have any hits in her career these days and she has pinned all her hopes on her latest release Bollywood erotic movie Julie 2. The movie marks the 50th film in her career and from movie critics to audience everyone criticized the film which hinted that Julie2 will also become a flop.

Now, the entire movie unit is busy searching for the reasons why the movie became a flop. Director Deepak Sivadasani himself admitted that Julie 2 movie failed to impress the audience. On the other hand, lead actress Raai Laxmi is even pointing out the reasons. "I think people expected it to be a sex film and there was no sex in it. It was largely advertised in that manner." Said Raai Laxmi and accepted that the film not only gained admiration but also faced so much of criticism.

Laxmi is claiming that the movie became a learning experience for her. However, she is confident that she will receive more offers because of her talent. The actress is excited to recover from the flop of Julie 2 and focus on her upcoming projects.