Madhavi Latha says, Mahesh ignored her

Mon Apr 16 2018 14:38:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

The casting couch issue has become a hot topic in the industry right now. Some of the artists are coming forward and claiming that the directors should give chance to the Telugu heroines rather than importing actresses from north. The netizens are also reacting equally on this issue. Recently Madhavi Latha made some allegations on Mahesh Babu.

Talking in an interview, "I worked as the co-star to Mahesh Babu in Athidi movie. When I came 5 minutes late to the set, the director insulted me and used the words 'F*** off'. Mahesh Babu was standing there but haven't uttered a single word" said Madhavi Latha. She asked how can a hero who has the star status can't react when someone is abusing a woman and Mahesh Babu hasn't even tried to stop the director.

She added that this is really a worst situation of the industry and that is why she don't like Mahesh Babu.  The netizens are giving mixed response to her statements. When some are supporting her, Mahesh fans are commenting that she was the one who came late to the sets and why would the hero stop when the director is scolding.