When Mahesh Babu Reminds Krishna

Sat Apr 21 2018 18:07:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Superstar Krishna was a very big star when he was doing films.. but no other star hero had those many minuses as Krishna had. Everybody knows about Krishna minuses in dialogue delivery.. body language.. dances.   There were many parodies and spoofs on those things.

Mahesh Babu entered film industry as an heir to Krishna..but Mahesh never copied his father.  He has all the pluses Krishna had and he tried to cover the minuses and he became a perfect hero by proving his talent in all the aspects.  Krishna fans automatically transferred to Mahesh.. and he also achieved huge fan following with his own charisma.

Though Mahesh never tried to imitate Krishna in his career till now.. he never tried to appear like him.. but for the first time he reminded of his father in 'Bharat Ane Nenu'.  When Mahesh raises his voice while taking the oath as the CM, everybody remembered Krishna. Apart from this, Mahesh Babu uses fake mustache when he is roaming with his lover so that people won't recognise him as the CM. There is no exaggeration that watching him with a thick mustache, everybody feels like they are watching Super Star Krishna.

Mahesh reminded Krishna in a few other scenes with his body language.  Mahesh continued with his own identity till now.. but it is interesting to see him trying to imitate his father. Probably this might have happened unintentionally.