Mahesh Babu Violated Traffic Rules 7 Times

Sat Jan 12 2019 17:06:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hyderabad Police haven't been sparing even Tollywood Celebrities when it comes to traffic violations. Fines imposed on Star Heroes itself is a proof of the strict implementation of the rules.

Mahesh Babu's Car with Registration No AP 09 CM 4005 broke traffic rules 7 times. Superstar is yet to pay the penalty amount (Rs 8,745).

Sunil was fined Rs 4,540 for over-speeding in Madhapur and Outer-Ring Road.

Balakrishna was fined (Rs 1,035) in Rajendra Nagar for over-speeding.

A fine of Rs 1,035 was imposed on Nithin for breaking Traffic Rules in Alwal.

A Challan of Rs 505 was issued for three traffic violations of Pawan Kalyan's Car with Registration Number AP 09 CG 7778.

Cops maintained that appropriate action will be taken against anyone, including Film Celebrities, if the fines weren't paid.

A Charge-Sheet will be filed in the court if the Challans count surpass 10. Vehicle will be seized and Case would be booked if the challans cross the maximum limit of 30.