Bigg Boss made HIM a celebrity in 4 Weeks

Sun Aug 13 2017 22:11:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Usually, People assume Celebrities alone gets the opportunity to participate in Bigg Boss. But, It's an undeniable fact that not all Contestants are popular figures. For example, Not many people had any clue who is Mahesh Kathi before he entered Bigg Boss house.  

On Saturday, Mahesh Kathi was eliminated from Bigg Boss based on the voting from public. He reached Mumbai Airport from the Bigg Boss house in Lonavala immediately after exiting the show and landed in Hyderabad by Sunday morning.

Mahesh Kathi had an unusual experience at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. People recognized the Film Critic and competed to have selfies with him. That's when Mahesh Kathi realized that he entered the Bigg Boss House as a Critic and stepped out of it as a Celebrity. Today, He is a household name in Telugu States and people admire the manner in which he conducted himself as a participant (except for the favoritism issue).