Khan Actress On Forced Kiss

Fri Feb 23 2018 18:20:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

Pakistani actress Mahira Khan who got so much fame after she shared the screen with Shah Rukh Khan in "Raees" has become the talk of the town again. It was last year that she got into a murky rumor that she was dating Ranbir Singh. She was spotted smoking a cigar along with Ranbir Singh and the video became viral instantly.

This time, the issue is regarding a kiss. Mahira who won the Best Actress award for her performance in 2017 hit film Verna is in the headlines for she was not comfortable on the stage while Javed Sheikh kissed her. The video of her turning away her face when Javed tried to kiss her, is making rounds on the internet.

Mahira, on the other hand, clarified that nothing of such kind happened and also told that those were mere assumptions. "I have just woken up to such silly stuff floating around. It's good to be aware and has an opinion but for Gods sake don’t use anything and everything to make the news. Javed Sheikh of all people! He is a legend and a mentor to all of us in this industry. Would vouch for him always", Mahira wrote on her Twitter.