Heroine Tension For Mega Hero?

Mon Jul 17 2017 15:03:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is one of the heroes from Mega compound.  He is going through tough time right from the beginning of his career. He is known for his selection of different films & content based stories. As he has no solid hit till now, some say that he is surviving in the industry only because of the background.  He is facing continuous failures and struggling for a good hit.  

Some producers are committing films with him out of compulsion as they don't have the dates of any other heroes.. and they can't be idle without a film. In such a scenario, this hero is getting ready for the release of his latest film.  Filmmakers have already started movie promotions as well.  But the director & producers are said to be focusing on the heroine more than the hero.  There is a talk that heroine has got more importance in the promos released till now.  

Discussions are also going on in the film circles that the heroine has more craze than the mega hero.  All these discussions said to have reached the mega hero as well.  But he became silent as he couldn't say anything to the director or producer. We have to wait and see how this mega hero will get relief from this new tension!