Exclusive: I have a job satisfaction disorder - Mehreen

Thu Sep 28 2017 11:07:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

Mehreen Prizada Kaur is introduced to Telugu Cinema as "Mahalakshmi" with the movie, Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gadha, alongside Nani. Even though the movie became a success, she had to wait for more than 16 months to sign another film. Now, she is back with six movies in a row and first one among them, Mahanubhavudu, with Maruthi Dasari as the director and co-starring, Sharwanand is releasing on 29th September, for Dussehra, this weekend. UV Creations has produced this movie. Tupaki got a chance to catch up with the beautiful Punjabi Kudi, and here are the excerpts ..

Tupaki: Is it true that you have signed six movies in two days? Did you do any magic?

Mehreen: It is all God's Grace and destiny. I had to wait for over one and half year, before I could sign another movie, but that's what you call destiny. What is written will happen and you have to accept it. So, I would say it's definitely not magic.

T: In this glamour world there is a lot of competition, especially between the actresses. How are you coping up with it?

Mehreen: Don't get me wrong that I am giving same answer to every question (laughs). It is all in the destiny. I believe that time doesn't really wait for anyone. You have to wait for it. Today, if someone is writing a character for me, tomorrow they will write for someone else. This is a chain and it keeps happening. So I don't really believe in rankings or competition here. It is all destiny and time. When it's your time, you get the offers your way. I have gone through the pain of nothing coming my way and today, I have six opportunities. So, I can safely say it is all about time and today, it's my time!

T: Even though your film Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gadha is a hit, you had no release for more than 18 months. What is the reason behind this long gap?

Mehreen: Krishnagadi Veera Prema Gadha is a beautiful film and my character Mahalakshmi became an instant hit. I used to be called by many as "Mahalakshmi" and I enjoyed the recognition. It did not take much time to fade out and I realised the harsh reality of time. But I hung in there with hope for a Sunny day for almost 18 months and here I am talking about my new release.

T: That's quite a smart way to skip the real reason...

Mehreen: (laughs) There is no reason. It's just my bad time. It had to pass and now, my time has finally come. I am getting some great opportunities.

T: It seems like we are stuck with same answer from you. Please give us something else!

Mehreen: (laughing out loud) What can I do, when your questions are making me give the same answer?!

T: Okay, then let's talk about the movie. How did Mahanubhavudu happen?

Mehreen: To sum it up in a single line, I would call this movie, my lucky charm. On the day, I signed this movie, I got another five films. I signed them all and still, I got many more opportunities. I could accept all due to date issues and even had to leave two big films. Still, I have no regrets and I am happy that Mahanubhavudu came my way. I did not hear the story too before saying, yes to the movie. I heard that the movie is in the combination of Sharwanand and director, Maruthi. So, immediately accepted the offer.

T: Would you have rejected the offer, if you did not like the story?

Mehreen: Obviously. I would not have done the movie had I not believed in the story. In the film, Sharwanand's character has OCD, (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and I have JSD, Job Satisfaction Disorder. I would have waited patiently for some more time for better opportunity rather than accepting something in haste. This is a beautiful story and director presented it wonderfully. My character is equally strong to the hero's and I matched upto the performance levels of Sharwanand too. In fact, in few scenes we did give neck and neck fight to each other.

T: Interesting. What are your future plans?

Mehreen: I don't really have any future plans. All I want is that my movies, especially, my lucky charm, Mahanubhavudu to become a success. The bigger the better. I want to see all my producers and directors, who believed in me to be happy. Only then, I can wish to be part of many more movies, right!

On that note, she ended the interview with a beautiful smile! We wish team Mahanubhavudu and Mehreen, a grand success!