Is Nani Not His 'Natural' Self In Bigg Boss?

Wed Jun 13 2018 15:44:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

The most awaited Season-2 of Telugu Bigg Boss started on Sunday, with Nani as the host.

Slowly, the buzz of the show is increasing as the contestants are highly interesting people and the cold war between groups are also slowly starting to show.

Mostly, Babu Gogineni is gaining more marks with his right rebellious attitude to not succumb to silly rules. He wants the playfulness to have some limits too.

But the Sunday episode couldn't start off with a bang as many expected. It is mainly because of the host, Nani, they say.  

Nani, is known for being Natural Star and also, a boy-next-door on big screen. So, many expected him to have that vibe straight awa but he too seemed a bit clueless in the first episode like Jr. NTR.

May be he too needs time to warm up but him trying to be a host rather than himself is not being appreciated by his fans.

So, as the show progresses, Nani might pick up like Jr. NTR and be more interactive than he was before. Let's wait and see.