Viral: Cycle Yatra Becomes Comedy Yatra!

Tue Apr 24 2018 22:52:39 GMT+0530 (IST)

Many People in AP mayn't know who is Jaleel Khan but they can't control their laughter upon hearing 'Physics in B.Com'. That funny comment made him hugely popular political figure within short period.

Whatever Jaleel Khan does became a talking point ever since then. Even his participation in the Cycle Yatra launched by TDP demanding Special Category Status is now drawing everyone's attention.

In the video, Jaleel  Khan could be seen getting on the bicycle with utmost difficulty inspite of the help offered by 2-3 partymen. While he was riding the cycle with the help of gunman, Two Persons began following him on either sides to ensure the Legislator doesn't fall. This video has gone viral now for a reason!