Most Shocking Move By Bigg Boss

Tue Sep 18 2018 13:23:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Towards the end of Season 2, Bigg Boss stunned all the remaining Six Housemates by nominating each and every one of them. Now, All of them face the threat of elimination before the grand finale.

On every Monday, Nominations process would begin and Housemates will be asked to pick up couple of names who doesn't deserve to be in the house any longer. Yesterday, Kaushal was spotted writing something on a piece of paper using a pen. This Contestant is already in the elimination zone every week after Geetha Madhuri nominated him after successfully accomplishing the Secret Task.

Upon spotting Kaushal violate the rules, Bigg Boss nominated all the Housemates saying they weren't following the norms despite repeated warnings. Kaushal invited the wrath of Housemates by saying Thank You to Bigg Boss after this announcement. A heated argument took place between Kaushal and rest of the Housemates who got nominated because of him. As usual, Kaushal kept twisting his stand as per his convenience. In the end, All the other 5 Housemates decided that there is no use of arguing with someone like Kaushal.