Anushka Scolded Person Who Turned Out Popular

Tue Jun 19 2018 11:31:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Recently, a video of Bollywood heroine Anushka Sharma is going viral on the internet. Her husband Cricketer Virat Kohli took this video in which Anushka is scolding a person for throwing plastic waste on roads. She asked him to throw the garbage in the dustbin every time.

Some netizens commented that she did a good thing but the others claimed that Anushka behaved like that intentionally as a publicity stunt and also showed sympathy on the person who got scolded. The person is now recognised as Arhaan Singh. He posted Anushka Sharma's video on Instagram and commented that he is accepting his mistake but it would have been really good if Anushka has said the same politely. After seeing Arhaan Singh's Instagram account, we can observe that he has a good relation with Bollywood.

During the 90s time, he was very famous as a child artist. He worked with Shahrukh Khan. He played a role in Shahrukh Khan's English Babu Desi Mem movie in which Madhuri Dixit played the female lead. He also appeared in popular TV series Dekh Babu Dekh. He was last seen in Shahid Kapoor's Paathshala movie. After a long time, Arhaan again became popular because of Anushka.