Top Heroes - Don't Preach, Practice First!

Tue Oct 23 2018 15:44:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Whenever a biggie gears up for release, Fans of other Star Heroes launch negative campaign on the Social Media. Publicity Posters released to convey a certain film had broken records or collected Rs 100/150 crore kept making the situation worse. This is what happened with both 'Rangasthalam' and 'Bharat Ane Nenu'. And, Makers of 'Aravindha Sametha' have done the same. New Poster spreads the message that NTR-starred grossed Rs 150 crore already.

Star Heroes keep preaching their Fans not to clash with admirers of other Stars. Then, Why does they offer scope for Fan Wars by releasing collections posters? Does any movie buff gain anything from knowing how much a film has collected? What matters the most is the experience offered by a feature film. Most often, There will be a campaign running parallelly so as to project the collections as fake whenever such posters are released. First of all, Heroes need to practice what they preach to bring an end to fan wars.

Ram Charan had officially declared during a recent media interaction that he would ensure that none of his Producers release such posters anymore. Hopefully, Other Star Heroes take a firm stand on this matter soon to curtail negativity..!