Bigg Boss Contestants 'dual behaviour'!

Sun Aug 13 2017 16:26:08 GMT+0530 (IST)

Bigg Boss is one of the highest rated TV shows and the celebrities are happy that they are part of this show. But the interviews that they are giving have been hinting that they are actually unhappy as they have been commenting about the show after coming out.

Many of them said they have been really how they are when they are participating in the show. But after they have come out, they are commenting that others are acting and as they are unable act like them, they have got eliminated. So, are they suggesting, even they were acting as long as they were in the house?

This dual statements and behaviour has been confusing many fans of the show. As they are enjoying the antics of these popular celebrities, they are also vary about who is really acting and who is not. Anyways, most of them are either forgotten or highly unknown but the show has made them highly popular. Rather than being thankful about that they have been making comments and few people are saying that is a bit too much on their part! Well, may be the contestants should check out their statements before giving them in front of media.