Telugu Bigg Boss Participants: Actors Dominate!

Mon Jul 17 2017 11:18:27 GMT+0530 (IST)

Although Star MAA promoted that 12 Participants will be part of the First Edition, As many as 14 Celebrities have entered the Bigg Boss House Yesterday. The First Episode was catered for the introduction of participants. NTR introduced each of them to the TV Viewers and dropped them at the entrance door of Bigg Boss House after having a pep talk. Upon entering into the House, Participants exchanged pleasantries and choose the bed on which they wish to sleep.

Tollywood Actors (9) have dominated the list. Two Singers, an Anchor, Serial Artiste and Film Critic have been among the remaining five.

Telugu Bigg Boss First Season Participants:

1) Archana (Actress)

2) Sameer (Character Actor)

3) Mumaith Khan (Actress)

4) Prince (Hero)

5) Madhu Priya (Singer)

6) Sampoornesh Babu (Hero)

7) Jyothi (Character Actor)

8) Kalpana (Singer)

9) Mahesh Kathi (Film Critic)

10) Kathi Karthika (Anchor)

11) Shiva Balaji (Hero)

12) Hari Teja (Serial Artiste)

13) Adarsh Balakrishna (Actor)

14) Dhanraj (Comedian)