I Would've Felt Embarrassed Had Majili Failed - Naga Chaitanya

Sun Apr 14 2019 19:47:54 GMT+0530 (IST)

Majili became a blockbuster for Naga Chaitanya saving his career from going completely down the hill.

After three back to back underwhelming films, he did the film in Shiva Nirvana's direction with Samantha, his wife. The movie has turned out to be his solo biggest hit ever.

 The actor said, "I am really happy with Majili becoming such a success. I took the decision on my own to do the film and if it did not work, I would have been embarrassed to face my father.

He himself encouraged me to take my decisions on my own. But then when kids fail, parents will be more disappointed in him than ever.

I'm happy that it is not the situation. Samantha was always confident of the film and we are extremely thankful to all who watched it and praised us," concluded the young actor.

Samantha also shared the same happiness about the film success and said, "I feel more happy to see Naga Chaitanya's performance in films these days as the man I know in real life is finally coming out on screen too!"