Naga Shourya Decided To Produce Another Film!

Sat Feb 17 2018 23:53:48 GMT+0530 (IST)

These days many actors have decided to become producers. While, Nani became a producer to support a young director like Prashanth Verma, for Awe, others are trying to produce their own movies.

There is nothing wrong, but few Industry insiders, comment that in these 'Home' Productions, the actors get too indulgent and that could lead for clash of interest between the director and actor.

So, they normally advice someone else to produce and actors to stick to acting.

Anyways, Naga Shaurya, did produce his movie, Chalo, on IRA Creations and tasted sweet success for the first one.

Now, even though he has producers coming up to him, he decided to produce, Narthanasala, directed by Srinivas Chakravarthy.

He will start shooting for this movie after a small gap and he revealed that the movie will be ready for Dussehra season.

We hope, he keeps giving good hits like Chalo and produces more diverse films rather than sticking to same that even outside producers can bring for him.