Nagababu Took The "Return Gift" From Sivajiraja In A Fun Way!

Mon Apr 15 2019 16:52:25 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nagababu is one influential figure in TFI as member of Mega Family. He is not just a member but also a key political party worker in Janasena too.

His word is often taken as word of Mega Family, or more importantly, word of Megastar Chiranjeevi.

He supported Naresh panel against family friends Shivajiraja and Srikanth in MAA elections and that did result in Sivajiraja saying that he will give a return gift to Nagababu.

Sivajiraja joined YCP and campaigned against Nagababu in the constituency he contested. Nagababu reacted to this and said, "I take it all in my stride. He (Sivajiraja) got offended for nothing.

I wanted to give Naresh a chance and for that Sivajiraja shouldn't have taken it too personally.

Anyways, Rajasekhar and Jeevitha joined YCP whom I did support. Well, these things do happen and I hope all will be well, soon."

He clarified that he won't quit Jabardasth, TV show as it takes only 4-5 days per month and he can take it as a refreshment from all the hard core political affairs.