Arey Pruthvi...Naaku Phone Chey: Naga Babu

Mon Feb 18 2019 16:25:47 GMT+0530 (IST)

Naga Babu came to know that Comedian Pruthvi has accused him and his son Varun Tej of projecting the Black Money received Jana Sena from an unknown source as that of their hard-earned money donated for the party. Quickly, He verified with the Interviewer if Pruthvi has really made such an allegation.

Upon coming to know that it's true, Mega Brother responded: 'Arey Pruthvi...Nuvvu Repu Okasari Phone Chey Ra Naaku. Ee Question Ki Nenu Neeke Answer Istha. Pruthvi Neeke Chepthunna, Repoddunna Naaku Phone Chey...Nee Daggara Naa Phone Number Undi'.

Naga Babu questioned does he need to prove anyone that the funding offered to Jana Sena is their hard-earned money. 'Myself and My Son had given the amount to Jana Sena. We paid the amount in the form of cheque, not in cash. I didn't offer black money to my brother. It's accounted money and very valuable'.

Few weeks ago, Naga Babu and Varun Tej donated Rs 25 lakh and Rs 1 crore to Jana Sena Party as their contribution.