Why Did Nag Call Him 'Lazy'?

Tue Sep 25 2018 17:29:56 GMT+0530 (IST)

At the audio event held recently, Nagarjuna Akkineni called Devadas director, Sriram Adittya lazy and said that he would be calling him so, hereafter.

Even though he jokingly called him that, Nag did give explanation in front of all the journalists at the movie press meet on Tuesday. He said, "Movie has come out really well.

But we saw the movie three days back and that is not the right approach. I would ask all the directors to not plan shoot till two or three days before release. If we don't see the full final copy till then, we don't get time for changes.

Producers like Ashwini Dutt will be more than willing to pay extra to make the product better than regret after release. So, I called him lazy but he managed the egoes and screen time for every actor very well.

I am happy that he brought Shamdat Sainudeen on board as they both gave a visual feast. I am looking forward to work with Shamdat again," concluded Nag.