Video: Aged Nag's Honesty Talk!

Tue Jul 17 2018 18:49:12 GMT+0530 (IST)

Brands try to reach out to consumers with innovative Ads to win their trust. Only few of them will be heart-touching…the new TVC of Kalyan Jewellers featuring Akkineni Nagarjuna is one such special promotional strategy.

Promo opens with a Senior Citizen played by Nagarjuna reaching bank in an auto rickshaw along with his Granddaughter. He informs the Bank Manager about the excess payment received by him and urge him to rectify the error. When the Manager advices him to celebrate instead of making it an issue, The Older Man makes it clear honesty matters the most. Then, Manager does what he was supposed to do. Honesty card is being played here to promote Kalyan Jewellers. 

This New Commercial arrived at the time when a fake video complaining about fraud in Kalyan Jewellers Dubai store went viral. New Ad Campaign might be an attempt to safeguard the reputation of the brand.