Real Story Behind Hello Teaser Controversy

Thu Dec 07 2017 12:30:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Hello is the title of the film that is coming in the combination of Vikram K Kumar and Akhil Akkineni. There is a positive buzz on the movie where the first look posters and trailer have raised the expectations. The audiences are also very positive towards the movie but the background score copying allegation has disappointed the makers. The Youtube has removed the video and brought it back to live in a less time. The film's producer Nagarjuna has finally reacted to this in a recent press meet.

"Anup was busy during the teaser release. We handled the responsibility of composing the music and editing the teaser to a Mumbai based company. They have taken the score of a Hong Kong company. They have the contract with a Hollywood company too. Because of some run time issues, we solved the problem in six hours but it was not a big problem. Anup only scored the music for the trailer in the end." said Nagarjuna.

The film is releasing on 22nd December.