Photo Story: Mahesh Is Not A Strict DAD!

Thu Aug 16 2018 14:25:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

In every house hold we see mothers or fathers turning out to be Villains to the dreams of the children.

They wish for something and if one of the parents say No, they run to another and try to make their wish come true. Usually, Moms say No and Dads end up as kids favourites as they agree to most.

Even Mahesh is similar and Namrata Shirodkar, his wife made it evident.

She posted his photo with kids, Gatham and Sitara having a discussion about something during a trip.

Namarata captioned it while sharing, "Stricking deals with Dad as Mom said, NO!!"

Well, Mahesh said once that he is not a strict dad and if he gets his way, he won't even send his kids to school.

Namrata seems to be overwhelmed by that very fact, doesn't she? Many women who are reading this must be saying, "Maa intlo kooda inthenemma" (Same situation in our houses too!)