No Acting, No Politics, No Interference: Namrata

Sun Feb 10 2019 12:18:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

With this year's February 10th, Mahesh Babu and Namrata will be completing 14 years of their married life. On this occasion, Namrata shared interesting details about love, marriage and life after marriage.

Love Story - We both went to New Zealand for the shoot of 'Vamsi'. Realised that we are in love after returning to India. I myself called Mahesh and proposed to him. Mahesh was already in love with Me by then. So, He immediately agreed and we got married after the completion of films I had signed.

No Acting after Marriage - I don't want to act after marriage. Even Mahesh wished to have a non-working Wife. Never felt the need to make even guest appearances. These 14 years have been the best phase of my life. Marriage is the best and special gift of my life. Can't imagine my life without Mahesh!

Role In Mahesh's Career - People assume there will be my involvement in every decision taken by Mahesh but that's no true. I won't interfere in his professional career.

Rate Mahesh as an Actor, Husband & Father - 10/20 as an Actor. 10/10 as Husband & Father...He is like any other husband or father while being at home. He plays with kids and dances with them.

Mahesh's Political Entry - He doesn't have any political aspirations. His focus is only on the acting because of his love for cinema. He can't understand anything other than cinema...won't step into politics.