Nandi Awards - Have they lost their sanctity?

Wed Nov 22 2017 15:18:04 GMT+0530 (IST)

Never been before Nandi Awards stirred such a big controversy. The debate over the selection process isn't ending even after nearing one week period. Thanks to the loose talk of few Jury Members & Minister Nara Lokesh!

Whether Nandi Awards really hold sanctity for anyone to make an issue out of the selection process or winners list is a million dollar question. Why because Jury Members keep changing the rules as per their convenience whenever they face criticism.

Until a decade ago, Nandi Awards were considered as only next to National Awards. When Ram Charan was denied Nandi Award for 'Magadheera', Mega Fan expressed their anguish on Dasari for influencing the Jury Members. Due to the Telangana movement, Government of United AP hardly bothered to present Nandi Awards for few years and even Film Personalities stopped giving much importance to them. Post bifurcation, The emotional connect Nandi Awards had established got lost. Announcing the Nandi Awards for few years at once is one of the reasons behind the lack of excitement among public. Even most of the Film Personalities aren't in a position to proudly claim they received Nandi Awards because of the ongoing controversies. People began questioning whether such Awards are really necessary when so many of them began doubting the selection process. Better if Film Personalities and Public stop giving much importance to Nandi Awards and focus on their work.