Interview: I Can't Talk About Bigg Boss - Nani

Tue Apr 10 2018 16:49:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

Natural Star Nani has been among the hits from last three years. His every film has been either being a hit, super hit or a blockbuster. His last film, MCA, Middle Class Abbayi became a huge blockbuster and the actor is ready with KrishnaArjuna Yuddham. He talked to press about the film, here are the excerpts

Tupaki: You have garnered a huge following from various audiences of different she groups. Did this change you any bit?

Nani: I am always a middle class boy. Today, I have Mercedes-Benz car but before buying it, I told to myself, even if I have to sell it, I will have a Honda car in my parking space to travel around. That is my thinking process even before I entered films. I believe if you prepare yourself about the worst that can happen before, you will be happy with the positive outcome or any outcome. That keeps me grounded and safe. We can survive in this high pressure world only when we are prepared for worst.

Tupaki: Can we say that the continuous hits put your under lot of pressure or increased your responsibility?

Nani: I am always responsible about the stories I choose. I hear them from the perspective of an actor and common audience member. Even I am highly responsible and work hard to see that the story is told well enough, cinema could fail. I should accept that and move on to work hard in every film. Hit or Flop, won't change the effort I should put in.

Tupaki: What care did you take for Chittoor district accent in the movie?

Nani: I believe as a Telugu person and actor, I should be able to talk in Telugu on screen perfectly. That could be any accent. I did face so difficulty on first two days but with Gandhi, the director from same district, I could be happy once he said, "Take Ok".  I got used to it as we continued shooting and even chatted with many in same accent during break period.

Tupaki: Are you hosting Bigg Boss season-2?

Nani: Tarak did a great job as Bigg Boss season-1 host. About season-2, I have no update for you. Will I be hosting it or not? Only channel will announce it soon. I can't talk about it now.

Tupaki: Merlapaka Gandhi is known for comic capers. How will KrishnaArjuna Yuddham be?

Nani: KrishnaArjuna Yuddham is an out and out Merlapaka Gandhi film. Gandhi has a habit of writing innovative and interesting screenplays. This film wil have an interesting screenplay and the first half is more than one and half hour long. You won't feel one inch of boredom during the film. Total unit is confident about the success.

Tupaki: Did the movie undergo any re-shoots?

Nani: No, we did not shoot even one scene again. I gave Gandhi chance, because he doesn't re-shoot anything. He locks screenplay and story prior to the shoot and hence, he has great clarity on what he is making.

Tupaki: Did you not involve in the story?

Nani: Are you fishing for a controversy? (Laughs) ... All these questions are highly controversial and no, there is none here. I believe I can only tell what I liked and did not to a maker but cannot change his view during the shoot. I am not that talented and indulgent. I believe in a writers and directors freedom to tell their story and in fact all my hits are possible due to their hardwork.

Tupaki: How do you see the growth in your remuneration and acting skill from film to film?

Nani: I got Rs. 82000/- for my first film, AsthaChemma. If I work for same amount today, a Producer might feel he found a lottery ticket for Rs. 82,000. Well, remuneration for me is not a constant thing. It fluctuates with market demand and tomorrow, if my films fail, it will automatically reduce. I am not bothered about it. I am happy only when I see my acting skills have improved from Pilla Zamindar to KrishnaArjuna Yuddham. I find my satisfaction in improving as an actor.

Tupaki: Are you satisfied as a producer?

Nani: I did not expect Telugu people to make Awe such a big success. We targeted a set of audience and for them, the movie connected and reached well. I felt as nervous as I feel, when my new film releases as a hero, to the one, I produced. Because of Awe, people think there is no gap in my releases.

Tupaki: Out of Krishna and Arjuna, which character, you liked the most?

Nani: I connected to Krishna more and feel many will to. Because Krishna is highly common man while Rockstars like Arjun only come out when we are in our private space. I think Krishna will hit hard at the box office.

Tupaki: Will KrishnaArjuna Yuddham connect with Family audiences?

Nani: Women Trafficking is just a part of our story and not complete story. We made our film in a fashion that family audience can enjoy.

Tupaki: We heard that your chemistry with Anupama is good. Your take on that?

Nani: Anupama Parameswaran and I have a great camera chemistry. When you see Anupama outside, you feel she is doing an okay job. But on screen, she looks brilliant. That is a rare quality and I enjoyed working with her. Ruksar Mir's dedication to learn Telugu is great and I like her performance too.

Tupaki:  You haven't worked with many of your directors, again. Any reason for that?

Nani: My directors have become so busy that they cannot direct me again. From Maruthi to Shiva Nirvana, everyone is busy with their other projects. Young directors are coming to me with interesting stories in the meantime.

Tupaki: Lastly, what do you say about KrishnaArjuna Yuddham?

Nani: The movie has lots of fun elements with Gandhi style of screenplay and comedy timing. The movie has everything that you wish for in a cinema and I believe it will be a success after release on 12th April. I am waiting for the result.