Are you hurt? No problem; Selfie please!

Sat Aug 12 2017 16:06:29 GMT+0530 (IST)

Well, after reading the headline you might be feeling how insensitive it is.. Yes, it is highly insensitive of people to request for a selfie without thinking about the other person's condition. Don't you think so? Whenever a person falls down or gets hurt we do laugh and they show concern, there is a psychological reason for that behaviour as per doctors. But these days, people are asking for selfies without looking at others condition and for celebrities this has become a torture.

Everybody has a smartphone, thanks to mobile revolution and they try to bring a phone in front of you to take a selfie devoid of your physical and mental condition. You might not be feeling upbeat but some one might want to post a selfie and you have oblige to their request otherwise they spread rumours about you and your arrogance and an actress had to digest the ridiculousness of these people and run to an hospital near by.

Recently, actress Neha Dhupia went to Chandigarh for an audio promotion and then she started back to Mumbai. In the way, she met with an accident and fortunately, she survived without severe injuries. She had a bleeding in her shoulders and she wanted to go to the hospital to get further check up. But the traffic on the road had come to a stand still for more than an hour as people near by came rushing to her and rather than helping they took out their phones and started asking for selfies and autographs. The actress had to rush out from there but before that she got irritated and shocked by the behaviour of the people around her. Don't you think this selfie mania has gone out of hands???